PWT to offer to the pipeline constructors the automatic welding technology with quality and reliablity



Automatic welding technology is a solution to increase welding productivity and improve welding quality in offshore pipe welding. To increase welding productivity, it is necessary to save time during the assembly/disassembly of the guide track from the welding carriage and pipe to move the next station. A welding system in pipeline construction must be capable of working in harsh environments with minimal maintenance intervention. The equipment should embrace modern technology, but it should be easy to set up by the operator.

Bhotika works closely with Qapqa to provide worldclass quality and reliable products and services in automatic welding for last several years.

Qapqa Group in Dronten - The Netherlands, specializes in the design of high-quality integrated solutions for automatic pipe welding.

Whatever we do – whether it’s in our engineering activities, our products or our services – we always strive to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

For more than 25 years Qapqa has operated around the world. The family company has rapidly developed itself, currently in more than 80 countries, as a trusted provider of welding solutions for both fabrication applications and pipeline construction.